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SafePak Multi Mount 3 Rows Incl Safemount

The SafePak Mount provides the area to secure the small and regular size SafePaks. This has
many location options for greater flexability.


The SafePak Multi-Mouont attaches to iNTRAXX wall tracks and provides an area where small and medium sized SafePak cases may be secured verticlly inside the vehicle. 

The Multi-Mount has a lower profile and smaller footprint than the SafePak Mount which enables it to be placed in a larger number of locations inside the vehicle. The Multi-Mount is available in two sizes and supplied either with or without a Safemount connector.

0480193 - Multi-Mount 3 Row with Safemount
0480201 - MultiMount 2 Row with Safemount

0480209 - Multi-Mount 3 Row without Safemount
0480207 - MultiMount 2 Row without Safemount
The 3 Row Multi-Mount will secure:
1 x Small SafePak either closed or opened or
1 x Medium SafePak closed. If opened, the lower half of SafePak is not secured. 
One single 2 Row Multi-Mount will secure:
1 x Small SafePak closed or
1 x Medium SafePak closed.
One x 2 Row Multi-Mount may be positioned above another 2 Row Multi-Mount to provide more storage options.


  • Art. Nr F90193
  • Färg White
  • Lastkapacitet 12 kg
  • Material Aluminium
  • Vikt 3,3 kg
  • Djup 45 mm
  • Längd 600 mm
  • Bredd 425 mm
  • Leverantörens artikelnummer 048-0193

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