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EVACuation mattress funeral

EVACuation mattress Funeral is an ergonomic, hygienic and etical solution!

A foam mattress that is maneaurerable which completely relieves the body of the employee and which is deployable on any kind of staircase and in any corridor or staircase. Forget about lifting and let the gravity do the work instead.
With the EVACuation mattress funeral we wants to emphasize more and more on ergonomics to create safe, comfortable and productive workspaces when users are dealing with our range of handling equipment.


Easy to Wash in 40C 
Water repellent
Easy to store in the cover


  • Art. Nr 5006056
  • Märke Tetcon BV
  • Färg Svart
  • Lastkapacitet 200 kg
  • Material Outside: Polyester & Dyneema®
  • Vikt 6 kg
  • Höjd 7 cm
  • Längd 210 cm
  • Bredd 60 cm
  • Leverantörens artikelnummer 5N85250016

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